CrossFit WOD, January 3, 2023

CrossFit – Tue, Jan 3

Warm Up
<p>30 Seconds Alternating Reverse Lunge</p><p>30 Seconds Jumping Jacks</p><p>30 Seconds Active Spiderman</p><p>30 Seconds Active Samson</p><p>30 Seconds Air Squats</p><p>30 Seconds Down Dog to Push-Ups</p><p>30 Seconds Bodyweight Good Mornings</p><p>30 Seconds Knuckle Draggers</p><p>30 Seconds Slow Burpeees</p>
<p>3 Giant Sets:</p><p>50 foot Overhead Kettlebell Carry*</p><p>10 ring/bar rows</p><p>25 Band Pull-Aparts</p><p>Rest 1 Minute Between Sets</p>
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
<p>AMRAP 20:</p><p>2 Ring Muscle-ups</p><p>4 Handstand Push-ups</p><p>8 Dumbbell Clean &amp; Jerks (70/50)</p><p> </p><p>RX+ = muscle ups (70/50)</p><p>RX = strict chest to bar pull ups (70/50)</p><p>Scaled = any other form of pull up and weight</p>