CrossFit WOD, October 7, 2022

CrossFit – Fri, Oct 7

Warm up
<p>0:30 Bike<br />0:30 PVC Good Mornings<br />0:30 Knuckle Draggers<br />0:30 Active Samson<br />0:30 Pausing Glute Bridges<br /> </p>
Deadlift (Weight)
<p>5×2 building to heavy</p>
Metcon (Time)
<p>For Time [25 Minute Cap]:<br />15-12-9-6:<br />Deadlifts&nbsp;<br />Calorie AB (M 22-18-13-9) (W 18-15-10-6)<br /><br />Directly Into…<br /><br />6-9-12-15:<br />Toes to Bar<br />Calorie AB&nbsp;(M 9-13-18-22) (W 6-10-15-18)<br /><br />*Score = Time it takes to complete the workout</p><p> </p><p>RX = 155/105</p><p>RX+ = 225/155</p><p>**row/ski = 30-12-9-6 then in reverse, M&amp;W</p>