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Clout – We are frequently asked the question, “What does clout mean?”  If one has clout, they have power or influence!  We think of our gym as unique and it certainly is, a Traditional GYM as well as CrossFit training facility that stands out within the community!

Clout is housed in an open warehouse, with more than meets the eye, from the outside!  We offer a huge facility, with 8500 square feet of space!  We welcome visitors to come inside as they usually express amazement when see what lies behind the doors!

Do you enjoy working out on your own or do you prefer to have some accountability?  

Clout offers open gym for our CrossFit members, as well as our traditional gym members!  We offer instructor lead CrossFit classes 4 times a day during the week!

 If you like to lift a dumbbell or test how much you can bench, we have a full traditional gym in addition to knowledgeable personal trainers/health specialists who offer specialized programs and training to meet your fitness needs!

​We pride ourselves on our non intimidating atmosphere and trained staff!  We care about every face that walks through our doors and welcome you with open arms!